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Getting your kids in the kitchen

With the cold winter nights we've been having, warm soup with homemade muffins or biscuits sounds great. My emphasis is on making dinners which don’t take a lot of time, require simple ingredients, taste good, and are healthy for you. Some of my favorite winter soups are chili, potato chowder, and chicken with rice soup.

Children do tend to eat more when they can help prepare the food. For example, a three year old could help mix the muffin ingredients; whereas a seven year old could chop up some of the vegetables for the soup. I recommend teaching your children kitchen skills gradually and building upon their cumulative knowledge. The less complicated the recipe, the better for everyone. And you'll be surprised by how quickly they'll learn! I liked to spend 1-1 ½ hours prepping a meal with my children when they were growing up.


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