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About Us

My passion for healthy food started at an early age. In my 20s, I began experimenting in the kitchen and inventing new recipes. Later when I became a parent, I decided to raise my kids with healthy foods as well and get them involved in the kitchen at an early age. In 1993, when my kids were five and seven, I had the idea of inviting several of my children's friends over to have a cooking party. My "Creative Cooking with Kids" business was soon born out these informal sessions. I began to offer cooking classes for children ages four to twelve, aiming to teach them basic cooking skills and encourage creativity in the kitchen.

In 2001, "Creative Cooking with Kids" became "Healthy Cooking with Kids." In addition to Saturday morning classes, I began offering summer camps, birthday parties, and after-school classes at Hollister and Foothill elementary schools. My classes continued to focus on simple meals, vegetable dishes, snacks, healthy desserts, and smoothies. In 2005, I won "Best Cooking Classes for Kids" from Santa Barbara

In 2006, I became inspired to share my passion for healthy cooking with adults as well and I started offering instructional cooking parties. Before the event, I would brainstorm with each of my clients in order to design a menu suited to their tastes. At each dinner party, a group of six to eight adults and I would cook the selected recipes together and gather round the table to share the food together afterwards.

In 2008, I started coaching adults and parents about how to eat healthier and how to encourage their children to make healthier food choices. Over the years, I have helped many discouraged and concerned parents with "kid-friendly" recipes and provided support with their "picky eaters." Teaching children how to cook has shown me that families can become significantly healthier when their kids are involved in planning and preparing meals and snacks.

Kids learning to cook

Furthermore, I have discovered that many of the adults and children whom I have worked with have had intolerances to common dietary irritants like dairy, wheat (gluten), and sugar. In the last five years I have created a significant amount of recipes that exclude these irritants. Additionally, I have published a booklet on how to make a successful transition to a gluten-free diet. I love to share my knowledge, experience, and love for delicious food with adults and children.


For further information, please contact me.


Leah Diamond

(805) 683-2525

Tomato salad

From the Parents

"Leah guides the children in mastering tasty, healthy recipes they can prepare at home. They also learn how to take turns, listen, and respect each other. These classes have helped my granddaughter grow, try new foods, and become more self-reliant."

- Linda S., Santa Barbara

“After taking these classes, my daughter increased her interest in cooking at home and trying new foods. Thank you!”

- Sharon R., Goleta
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